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Z20 Plastic tool box 19 ″

-Made of PP plastic - Size 19 ″ x 10.6 ″ x 9.3 ″ - Box weight 2.0 kg - Support weight up to 20 kg - Flexible, strong, durable - There are many storage spaces. - Easy to carry, easy to use - The inside is divided into 2 layers, making it easier to separate devices. * Made in Thailand According to national standards *
SKU: 8851540006340
32,600 Ks

The Z20, also known as the Jumbo 2-Layer Plastic Tool Box, is manufactured to support heavy duty applications. The Z20 is designed to support up to 20 kilograms of weight, only 19 inches in size. The excellent raw material is PP (Polypropylene) plastic,  which has high flexibility, strength and durability. The plastic beads that we use are from new plastic beads. In order to bring the efficiency of PP plastic out to the
max . The Z20 has been designed to be divided into 2 layers so that users can choose to store the equipment according to their wishes. Which will make the users work more conveniently This Z20 toolbox has been manufactured in Thailand. And accepted by Standards of ThailandWhich has demonstrated product quality and company standards The toolbox also has 2 smaller sizes: the Z201 and Z202 that are 16 inches and 13 inches and can support up to 15 kilograms and 10 kilograms.