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DONG PENG TILE FG-183020 Polished-Marble+

Size - 800mm x 1800mm
SKU: FG 183020
75,000 Ks

For 46 years, Dongpeng remains a consistent pursuit to provide a low-carbon, ecofriendly and customized household solution for our customers. The core strategy of Dongpeng is to have a continuous innovation spirit with an eco-development direction.

Adhering to the concept of working hand in hand with honesty and integrity, Dongpeng has transforming the role from a manufacturing enterprise to a serviceoriented and ecological enterprise. Through value creation for customers and society, Dongpeng continues to enhance its own value and endeavor to become a leading player with sustainable growth.

People grow great by dreams. We have a dream of letting Chinese ceramic being respected in the world; we have a dream of becoming the first ceramic brand in the world; we have a dream of letting the employees live a prosperous and contented life. On the future, Dongpeng will be the same as always to create values for customers and make contributions to the society, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Stay focused on your profession, and make it a lifetime career.

Dongpeng will upgrade its service of tiles to a higher stage and confirm, solidify and deepen its service systems continuously so that it can benefit China with high responsibilities, international quality and five “Heart” grade service. At the same time, to benefit Dongpeng’s customers with its hearty and warm service with various certificates home and overseas.

You could trust Dongpeng for its strict products standard of environment protection and high quality. Do not hesitant to contact us if you have any need for ceramic floor tile.

  • China Compulsory Certification (CCC)
  • China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands
  • ISO 14001
  • Top 500 Most Valuable Brand Product
  • Using International Standard Product Sign
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